Welcome into my Death Metal site. I have tried to gather all informations about 9 of the Death Metal bands I like. So you will find here all essentials informations, audio and video files from those 9 bands. I hope it will help you to know more about those Death Metal bands. I won't had any more band... and I will try to keep this site as update as possible...

About MP3 : they are there for you to discover those bands, I have bougth all their CD and you should do the same if you like them !!!
Burning Death Metal CD is burning Death Metal !!!

AURORA BOREALIS have finished tracking all drums (Tony Laureano) and guitars for the new cd. Everything is coming along great and the vocals / bass will be done shortly. Any interested labels should contact Ron Vento at

Deicide new album : The Stench Of Redemption

Jesse Pintado 1969 - 2006 : RIP

Sodom new album : Sodom

Hate Eternal new album : I, Monarch

Nile new album : Annihilation Of The Wicked